Mayor Hillary Schieve and Monica Thompson

Robert Mills

In the past, Monica has described herself as “a pretty rad human.” This is, without a doubt, the truth.

Professionally, Monica is driven to make positive change in her community.

From volunteering in community health programs, to developing communication platforms for struggling urban agriculturalists, Monica has devoted both her time and expertise to an ideal end result. For her, that end result is simply, a better world filled with healthy, happy people.

Aside from professional communications projects, I’ve worked with Monica on healthy eating initiatives including a part-time cooking show, The Weekly Veg, of which she is the host.

I have no reservations recommending Monica for almost any position – especially one in which community development and citizen engagement is a paramount necessity.

Robert Mills
Community Manager, OUYA

Christy McGill

Monica is passionate about her work and it shows in the details, creativity and her great work ethic. I loved the video she did for our large medical event. We will be using it to show need in rural Nevada. I will hire her again.

Christy McGill
Director, Healthy Communities Coalition

Colin Loretz

Monica takes action to get things done even if she encounters something new to her. She adapts and discovers what she needs to do or learn in order to fill the gap. Monica not only helps us Reno Collective to promote our events, our community and our accomplishments but she is also a very active participant in all those activities, like having placed as a finalist for best Social Application in the Hack4Reno Open Data Hackathon.

Colin Loretz
Co-founder at Cloudsnap
Community Manager & Founder at Reno Collective

Todd M. Felts

I am writing to offer my highest recommendation for Monica Thompson. She is a smart and organized writer with great curiosity for unearthing cutting-edge details as it pertains to her work in
my participatory journalism class. She is a natural!

As part of her studies here at the Reynolds School of Journalism, we ask students to look at tools and tactics used to engage readers across of variety of social media platforms. We also ask them to
imagine new tools. Monica would bring solid research skills and an ability to quickly help you gather and produce case studies and white papers. Most importantly, she will be great at taking this information and writing narratives to engage your clients’ audiences. Her communication skills are solid, global and effective. She has a unique ability to take complex information and break it into clear, meaningful, information, so people across cultures can understand.

I also like her passion for music and entertainment and its impact on the many online tools she has
mastered. She regularly shares ideas and can quickly collect good examples.

As the graduate director, I also like the diversity she brings to our cohort. She brings an open mind to research and experiences studying in Australia.
I hope you will give Monica your highest consideration. I am proud to have taught her. There are
many students with whom I get to know as a professor and administrator, but she stands out.
I give her my highest recommendation. If I can be of greater assistance, please do not hesitate to
contact me at 775-784-4188, via Skype: toddfelts or via email at

Kind regards,

M. Todd Felts, MALS
Director of Graduate Studies
Assistant Professor

Tony Walker

Working with Monica, owner/operator of Interactive Panda, has been a pleasure! She is knowledgeable in her field and has great insight on a number of things surrounding your idea and helps you put them to work on your website and in the physical world. She has been instrumental to the look and feel of my business and I’m look forward to continuing and strengthening our professional relationship!

Tony W.

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