Memes and Online Marketing

Memes are my new favorite online marketing tool. I’m specifically referring to advice animal and rage comic memes found on the social networking site Reddit. I can’t take credit for the innovation of meme marketing. I give credit to Reno Collective’s Colin Loretz and Robert Mills.

Loretz and Mills initiated a ‘meme battle’ on Facebook, to raise awareness and gain Reno Collective votes for IdeaPaint’s 360 Makeover contest. Each Facebook meme post, created by Mills, Loretz and other Collective members, was an all out assault of wit and humor relating to IdeaPaint’s 360 Makeover contest. The best part, they actually got people to participate and vote! By implementing an online cult classic into their marketing approach, Loretz and Mills successfully accomplished their goal of getting people involved and interested in their cause. I even got involved and created one of my own memes, rage comic style:

Memes are a fresh way to perceive online marketing. Not only will people get a chuckle out of them, they will probably even get inspired to create their own memes relating to your marketing mission. I believe we will be seeing many more meme marketing battles in the near future.